[Message from Maria Perez] WFNMB's designation as a new non-state actor in official relations with WHO

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Dear WFNMB colleagues,


I am following up on the WFNMB’s application  for admission into official relations with WHO. The report on past collaboration and the proposed plan for collaboration were reviewed by the WHO PNA Department  and I know that Non-State Actors team has been interacting with you to fix/ complete pending issues, all of which have been now solved.


The EB document “Engagement with non-State actors - Non-State actors in official relations with WHO” (EB144/37) is already available at the WHO website on http://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/EB144/B144_37-en.pdf  and you can see the WFNMB included there in the ANNEX 1 “ PROPOSED APPLICATIONS OF NON-STATE ACTORS FOR ADMISSION INTO OFFICIAL RELATIONS WITH WHO” – paragraphs 49 to 56. This means that the WFNMB has passed the first assessment done by WHO PNA Department and will now be submitted to the evaluation by the WHO Executive Board (the last step).


The official relations between WHO and non-state actors is one of the topics in the agenda of the upcoming 144th WHO Executive Board Meeting to be held in January 2019, but we do not exactly on which date/time it will be addressed. I will be informed in advance in order to be able to attend that session in order to be ready to answer possible questions from the Executive Board Members. I will keep you informed on the outcome of the discussion,  which I assume will be positive. 


I take this opportunity to thank you again for your continue support and collaboration. In particular I wish to thank Dr Lee for his instrumental contribution as panelist in the Plenary Session on Non-Communicable Diseases during the 4th WHO Global Forum on Medical Devices held last week in India, and also his participation as speaker in one of the pre-conference workshops. 


Should you have any query, we remain available. 


Kind regards,