[SEARO] From Lee ragarding WFNMB activity, Ask for your joing me to construct WHO RO liaison

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17 April 2018 20:47 

Dear Partha


I have a gentle request to you as the leading figure in SEARO region of WHO. Below follows the detail. 


I got the discussion with Andrew on the telephone in March and am attaching the part of the minutes regarding WHO.


Minutes March 08

- WHO engagement

Andrew informed the wish of Angelika for her step-down and asked my (our) advice.

I explained my preformed idea and volunteered to coordinate to make a task force team and to choose volunteer (liaison) to represent our Federation in WHO meetings and collaborative activities.

Based on Andrew’s agreement I will send the current status/plan for collaboration with WHO to the continental leaders to make task force team.

The liaison will be the person who is will to devote his/her time/wisdom/budget for travel etc. without Federation support.



As is represented above, I volunteered and am now inviting the regional leaders to be in charge of WHO (regional office) liaison.

As is known, Federation’s submission to be recognized as non-State Actors by WHO headquarters were declined (last decline was in November 2017).

If you agree, we can build a good team of WFNMB to approach regional offices and make plans to help our colleague nations to collaborate with WHO to build the essential nuclear medicine infra.

Expected is that WHO’s recommendation (not budegetary support, but mainly disciplinary one) will influence the countries and their policies.


We need to help colleagues in each country to think and predict and plan their Nuclear Medicine service to their folks in the very neer future as I belive this is ESSENTIAL.


Please take this responsibility for South-Eastern Asian region (according to the classification by WHO; from India to Indonesia), and with me (I will foresee Western Pacific Region), let us gather together to get progress even though it is a small step. WHO SEARO in in New Dehli.


‘Practiclity’ is the theme in my mind.


Here I attach the ppt slide summarizing the current version of our understanding. It is just the Memorandum in ppt form. 

( http://www.wfnmbportal.org/bbs/board.php?bo_table=WHO_Liaison&wr_id=4)

Mike, Akram, Patricia or her nominee, South-Eastern European nominee, Partha (or your nominee) and one of my colleagues in Korea are the tentative acting delegates.


Until the end of this year, I will volunteer to coordinate this activity, or even after, though I wish one of us will be in charge of WHO headquarter liaison in the future.


Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.


Best regards